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Help File for the Bonsai School of Menorca's Bonsai Manager program.


This is a program write in Microsoft Access, so you must need Microsoft Access  2007 or newer version

If you have installed Access  2007, to modify the security parameters to allow the program run you need to permit the execution of macros.

The program is free, but not "open", so all the rights belong to the Bonsai School of Menorca, and is distributed with the code protected. When you download the program, you accept the program user license.

If you want to integrate your old database in this one, or modify by yourself, please contact with us. Any improvement can benefit to all of us.




Fig 1


Bonsai Manager 1.jpg




The principal screen is the Control Panel, from where you can Access to all the sections.


Fig 2


Bonsai Manager 2.jpg


From the Bonsai Manger Control Panel, we Access to the bonsai details form.


This form has four tabs, Bonsai, History, General Works, and Phytosanitary.


In "Bonsai" we can introduce the basic aspects of the tree, species, size, etc. Also, we can insert photographs. It is better to limit the size of the photographs to 200 x 150 pixels (about 20kb) to make the program run faster. This is not a program to store photographs; we recommend opening a folder for each tree, and another one just for the miniatures used for the program.


Fig 3


Bonsai Manager 3.jpg




In the "Full" versión, we find a button with the label "Evaluate Tree"


This button opens a form where we find a reduced version of the program "Bonsai Contest", and it will help us to evaluate our trees.








Fig 4Bonsai Manager 4.jpg


In "General Works" you can insert the normal works, as repotting, wiring, and pendent works.




Figura 5


Bonsai Manager 5.jpg




In "Phytosanitary" you can insert the pests and the treatments. The pests and the treatments have to be inserted first at the right list from the control panel.


In the "Fertilizer" section, you can insert details from the fertilizers, is case you are doing this tree by tree (if you use a fertilizer for all the trees, you can insert the details from the form "Common treatments" that you can access from the control panel.


Fig 6


Bonsai Manager 6.jpg


The "History" gives us an historic correlation of events for each tree. It's like a outline of the biography of the tree, where we can insert any exhibition, remodelations, etc.




Fig 7


Bonsai Manager 7.jpg




From the Control Panel you have Access to the form "species group", here you will find the most common groups (you can edit to your preferences)






Fig 8


Bonsai Manager 8.jpg


In the form "General Treatments", you can insert any treatment common to all your trees. You can access to this form from the Control Panel




At last, and also from the Control Panel, you have Access to a list of reports, this are only a compilation of the information that you have insert in the forms, and show in different way to be printed or viewed in the screen


Fig 9


Bonsai Manager 9.jpg



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