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The documentation that you can download from this website (programs or files) is delivered to you (the user) subjected to the following conditions:

1 Our files or programs are completely free.

2 Our files or programs are provided as is, without support or updating of any kind.

3 The user may not distribute our files or programs directly to other individuals or organizations without authorization by the Bonsai School of Menorca .

4 You may not use information provided in our files or programs for other uses other than their own private use.

5 The Bonsai School of Menorca assumes no liability whatsoever about possible damage that the use, right or wrong, of our files or programs could cause.

6 By downloading any of our files or programs, the user agrees to receive our newsletter about the activities of the Bonsai School of Menorca and about any changes or updates of ours programs.

7 The downloading of our files or programs from this website implies that the user accepts each and every one of the points of this licensing agreement for use.

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